PHILLY CHASE Those Who Do not Fit In, Define What's Next."

At the age of 12, Philly Chase was quickly noticed for his versatile cadences and innovative lyricism. Following in the footsteps of Jay-Z, Chase is heralded for his ability to recite hundreds of rhymes without pen or pad and record multiple songs in less than an hour. Aspiring to create a new lane in the hip-hop world, Chase prides himself on his creativity and unwillingness to conform to the current industry standards. This dedication and passion has caught the attention of people across music including Larry Gold, Black Thought of the Roots and multi-platinum writers/producers Dre and Vidal. Living by the motto "Chop, Hustle, And Stack Everything," Chase has steadily built a buzz in the Philadelphia area and is getting ready to explode nationally after stints opening for artists like Drake, T.I., Lil Jon and State Property Philly Chase also entered into the radio industry earlier this year with his own online radio show "Philly Chase Radio" which is currently under construction to re-launch.

Additionally, Chase recently performed in Atlanta at a Coast 2 Coast event and won 1st place. It’s a very exciting time for Chase, as this continues to be on par, with the great response he has been getting from his recently leaked music; especially with the release of his most recent video “Mama Said”, As 2014 approaches Chase has a new motto “those who do not fit in, define what’s next,” and Chase is well on his way. Chase is currently working on his highly anticipated project “Unpopular”, where he shares some of his deepest stories and most vulnerable stories, the album is set to release at the beginning of January, followed by his new video “Suicide.” “I am the outcast, the underdog, the kid that doesn't get the party invite. It doesn't make me bitter it makes me determined to work harder for everything I want and have. So instead of waiting for the invite I'll throw my own damn party :)” Stay tuned for new singles, performances and continued updates.

For more on Philly Chase and to purchase the "Flight City" album, check out his website at, and his recent video "Mama Said"